A taste of Guyana 

Hours of Operation

Monday-Saturday  7 am-9:00 pm 

Sunday    7 am- 7 pm

124-30 Rockaway Blvd

ozone park,  11420


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Our Story Begins In Mon Repos, Guyana

The local spot first opened across from Mon Repos Market in Guyana. Dishing out their spin on fried rice and chowmein with fried chicken. This became a local favorite and the family later sold beers, cutters and hosted holiday parties.

Silver Star's Special was birth after a long day of work. The chef "whipped up"dinner, putting together fried rice, eggs, sausage, shrimp and chicken to satisfy the family nightly craving.  It became a hit in the family and later the community was led in on the dinner party! 

We are bringing the authentic recipe straight from the mother lands to our Queens family. Through our authentic recipes we hope to take you back to mom and grandma's cooking and bring back that taste that you grew up on. We are family owned and operated and we welcome yours. SEE YOU SOON !

Daily Soup

Cow Heel soup mixed with provisons and corn.

Fried rice with fried chicken

Silver Stars's Famous


cooked by authentic Guyanese hands from authentic Guyanese recipes. 

We pride our self in providing an exceptional service to our customers, we would love to hear your feedback.